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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why wasn't my trash picked up?-please check to make sure your bill is paid, you can call us and pay over the phone or pay on our website.

  • Are there items that cannot go in my can?-Please do not put chemicals, batteries, wet paint, tires, motor oil or medical waste in your can.

  • What is the holiday schedule?-We post our holiday schedule on facebook as well as email it out every year .  Superior runs routes on a regular schedule on all holidays except Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day & New Years Day, during those times your trash will be picked up one day after your regularly scheduled pick up day.

  • I have some large items(couch,stove etc) that I need to dispose of, where can I take that?-We can take large items like that at our yard in Luling, please call to make an appointment when you are ready to come in, there is a small charge to dispose of these items.

  • Why should I use Superior Disposal?-Because we are very proactive about providing the best service we can, and when we make a mistake, we are very responsive to fix it.

  • Why wasn't my extra can emptied?-Superior Disposal does not empty competitor cans (even if the name is not visible).  We do allow you to use an extra 32 gallon can at no extra charge.

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