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We buy all ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Our Recycling Facility

We offer various options for customers to get paid for their scrap metal starting with accepting deliveries at our recycling facility located at 4560 Salt Flat Rd in Luling TX 78648.  We have a brand new Rice Lake scale that is calibrated by PS Scale out of San Antonio TX.

We accept all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and strive to offer a very transparent experience and a fair price for your scrap metal.

We accept all metals including aluminum , brass , copper and iron.

If you have a clean up job or a commercial business we offer temporary roll off containers that the customer can fill and our company will haul them back to our recycling facility to weigh and we will pay you for your scrap metal.

Roll Off Containers

Large Clean Up Jobs

If you have a large clean up contact us and we can come onsite, sort and haul away your scrap metals and trash.  We have various types of heavy machinery and commercial insurance to make sure that your job is done efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly.

Who Are We
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